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Semaine nationale des sciences au Brésil

Voici une initiative brésilienne très intéressante : la semaine nationale des sciences. Vous savez, quand on parle de national au Brésil, on parle d'un territoire immense (environ 8,5 millions de km carrés par rapport à près de 10 millions de km2 au Canada) et d'une population de d'environ 160 millions d'habitants. ... peut-on imaginer que ça pourrait se faire ici? À l'image des journées de la culture.

Une initiative qui a pour but d'améliorer les échanges entre l'univers de la scientifique et technologique et la société. Le même but que l'on poursuit ici tel que mentionné dans la publication du rapport (avril 2004) Rapport de conjoncture du Conseil de la science et de la technologie du Québec.

Si je vous en parle, c'est que j'ai reçu le message qui suit par le biais de la liste de diffusion du réseau Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) dont je vous ai parlé ici.

Avis à ceux qui sont dans l'univers de la culture scientifique. Ils aimeraient avoir votre son de cloche.


Tiré d'un message électronique diffusé via la liste de discussion de PCST.

Dear colleagues,

We are organizing this year in Brazil for the first time the "National Week of Science and Technology" (October 18-24) throughout all the country. The National Week has been established by means of a presidential decree and aims to stimulate the popularization of science. Research institutes, universities, museums, schools, scientific societies, local governments, NGOs, enterprises, besides other sectors related to the area, will organize events targeted to school communities and the public in general. One the objectives of the National Week is to contribute for a more effective interaction between the ST national system and the society so that the people may know and discuss the results, relevance and impact of scientific researches and their applications.

This year, due to several limitations in time, money and know how in this kind of event, the National Week was being considered as a restricted ‘experiment’. However, the great interest demonstrated by many institutions and individuals along the country transformed this limited experiment in a big one. For the National Week there are now about 1400 activities programmed in all the states of the country, from Amazon to the South ( ). About 300 institutions are involved; most of them will organize ‘Open Days’ during the National Week. Several activities will happen in public places (like bus station, metro, shopping, beach, botanic garden etc). We will have also some mobile science projects: boat (in Belém, Pará, for instance), train (Trem da Ciência, Rio de Janeiro), buses (using biodiesel) etc. As an extended and symbolic event related to the National Week all the people in the country is being invited to observe the lunar eclipse (October 27 ): "Brazil, look at the sky!" ("Brasil, olhe para o céu!").

We hope that it will be possible to consolidate a mechanism in Brazil for introducing people to scientific themes and for emphasizing the importance of science and technology in their lives, besides contributing to the popularization of science in a more qualified way and as a social inclusion instrument. The activities are being organized under the responsibility of the Ministry of Science and Technology and are coordinated by the Department for the Popularization of Science and Technology.

We are beginning now to elaborate a national program for the popularization of science in Brazil. We would like very much to receive comments, suggestions and criticisms of colleagues of all the world which are concerned with the improvement of the public communication of science activities.

Sincerely yours,

Ildeu de Castro Moreira
Director – Department for the Popularization of S&T
Ministry of Science and Technology – Brazil.


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