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Appel à contribution

Sur la liste de discussion électronique de l'ICOM, la demande suivante a été formulée:

«Dear colleagues,

National Committee of ICOM Serbia and Montenegro (former Yugoslav National Committe of ICOM) is very actively taking part in the ongoing discussions on the new laws on museum and cultural heritage being prepared in our country.

The state but also the museum profession are trying to formulate new legislation that should regulate the functioning and operation of museums, as well as the law on safeguarding cultural heritage.

We have to produce legislation that answers the needs and requests of the heritage in our country. It would however be of greatest help if we could study and consult some solutions existing in other countries.

Therefore we would kindly ask our colleagues if they dispose with such laws, or know web site addresses that offer similar information to inform us about that on the following email address:

icom@yubc.net or

Thanks for your help,

Mila Popovic-Zivancevic, chair
YU NC ICOM and head of DIANA Centre for Preventive Conservation»

Est-ce que quelqu'un est abilité pour y répondre?


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